Nassar farm hit by Israeli military

Daoud Nassar, a Christian farmer from Palestine, visited Fostoria in November to speak about Tent of Nations, a non-profit organization he founded at his family farm near Bethlehem to promote peace, conduct workshops and give visitors a place to stay

as they observe daily life under Israeli occupation.

Friends of Tent of Nations North America notified Nassar’s friends and patrons the Israeli military brought in bulldozers May 19 and destroyed terraces the Nassars’ had built, along with nearly 2,000 grape vines, apple, fig, apricot, olive and almond trees. The Tent of Nations website stopped functioning May 24.

During his visits to the U.S., Nassar explained how the Israelis use such tactics to drive Palestinians out of their land to make room for more settlements. Even though the Nassars have been defending their property in Israeli courts over the past 10 years, Israel has declared the Nassars’s farm is on “state land” and issued demolition orders.

Authorities deny intimidating the family.

The Nassars have stated they will not abandon their property, nor will they provoke or engage in violence.

An action plan has been posted at, but no updates have been given since June 19.