Thirty One consultants help charity

Seneca County consultants for “Thirty One” have been conducting a fundraiser for the Ronald McDonald House in Toledo. Saturday, nine of the women, including their regional director, Nicki Crum, gathered in Tiffin to finish the project, which involved 30 consultants.

Based in Columbus, the company makes available a supply of red and white tote bags for consultants to buy and donate to a charity of their choice. Thirty One then sends that agency 31 cents for each tote bag purchased. Cindy DeVanna said the local team, “Girls with Bags,” bought 132 totes.

“Each one of us purchased totes with the donations and then used our commission or our own money to embroider them. … All the profits went to the Ronald McDonald fundraiser. We also used donations to purchase items to put inside,” DeVanna said.

Donations came in from businesses and organizations in Tiffin, Bettsville, Old Fort, Bradner, Oak Harbor, Findlay and Kent. The objects in the bag included bottled water, potato chips, crayons, chapstick, snack crackers, toothbrushes and other personal items. DeVanna said the “Penny Angels” from Zion United Church of Christ in Bettsville devoted their collection to the Ronald McDonald benefit.

After filling the bags, the group loaded their parcels for Crum and DeVanna to transport to Toledo.