Civil War medicine to be studied

Peter D’Onofrio is to speak at 1 p.m. June 15 at the American Civil War Museum of Ohio, 217 S. Washington St.

D’Onofrio is president of the Society of the Civil War Surgeons. The topic “Medical Advancements of the Civil War” is to be presented, with D’Onofrio as a surgeon and the audience as participants.

The Civil War was the first modern war and resulted in the highest number of U.S. casualties per capita of any of our nation’s wars. A total of 620,000 men died, including 360,000 in the North and 260,000 in the South; 25 percent of those involved died. These casualties exceeded the total of all other wars before and after the American Civil War and affected, either directly or indirectly, nearly every family in the North and South.

Rapid advances made by American medicine were stimulated by this conflict.

This presentation is an attempt to document those advances, many of which are the basis of techniques and procedures used today, and their impact on the subsequent development of American medicine.

D’Onofrio is to relate how advances were made in such harsh conditions and how they have been carried into present-day medical care.

Admission for the event is free.

For more information, visit or call (419) 455-9551.