Tiffin native writes Civil War novel

PHOTO SUBMITTED Pictured is Leonard Chilson, author of “Blood on the Battlefield,” his debut novel available now at amazon.com.

A Tiffin native has released his first novel after starting it more than 20 years ago.

Leonard Thomas Stonewall Jackson Caleb Chilson is the author of “Blood on the Battlefield,” a Civil War romance. He legally changed his name from Thomas Williams in 2001, with each name standing for someone important to him.

Chilson said he started writing the book in 1989 after reading a Civil War novel he wasn’t pleased with.

“I knew I could write a better one,” he said.

Chilson said throughout writing, he never planned anything. He would just sit down and write, letting the story flow. A friend, Maryanne Boblin, finally took it upon herself to take Chilson’s notes and transcribe them into the computer.

“Blood on the Battlefield” is the story of Caleb Shepherd and three friends joining the Confederate Army at the start of the Civil War.

He said the story has battle scenes, love and romance, sadness, comedy and cliffhangers.

Chilson’s father served in the U.S. Air Force. The family lived in seven states and finally settled in Tiffin.

Chilson said he is a history buff and has ancestors who fought for the South during the Civil War.

Chilson lived in Las Vegas for 22 years, where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in hotel administration from the University of Las Vegas. He helped open the Luxor Hotel, the Pyramid, serving as a housekeeping manager. In 2006, he moved to Arizona and, in 2015, moved to Pyatt, Arkansas, where he now lives with his two dogs, Jitterbug and Professor Mozart.

Much of Chilson’s family still resides in the area and he will celebrate his 50th Hopewell-Loudon High School reunion in September.

He has two other novels in The Road to Destiny series, “Blood on the Plains,” to be out April 15, and “Blood in the Hills,” set to be released in 2019.

The novels can be found online at amazon.com.