Calvert stages ‘Singing in the Rain Jr.’


Sophia Weaver as Kathy Selden (left) and Sam Seibert as Don Lockwood are seen performing the first full run-through of dress rehearsals for Calvert Catholic High School’s production of “Singing In The Rain Jr.” Wednesday.

Performance dates are 7 p.m. Friday and Saturday.

Tickets are $7 for adults, $5 for students and seniors and free for children 5 years old and younger.

Cast members include Joel Breidenbach (Cosmo Brown), Leigh Brinkman (Dexter’s Assistant No. 1, dancer, ensemble), Brooke Coan (chorus, ensemble), Tristan Fanning (Policeman, Sam, sound engineer, stagehand, ensemble), Nohema Galvan (Broadway Melody Host, dancer, ensemble), Alison Kramer (Dexter’s Assistant, dancer, ensemble), Kendal Krzyzak (Dexter, ensemble), Mady Longo (Dexter’s Assistant No. 3, dancer, ensemble), Megan McClellan (Zelda, dancer, student, ensemble), Mallary Nielsen (dancer, ensemble), Ally Nye (Dora Bailey, dancer, ensemble), Danielle Park (The Teacher, dancer, ensemble), Maria Perez (Miss Dinsmore, dancer, ensemble), Mikayla Recker (Lina Lamont), Aaron Riehm (Butler, Stagehand, ensemble), Ian Starn (R.F. Simpson, ensemble), Olivia Webb (Dance Captain, Featured Dancer, ensemble), Hanna Welter (Dexter’s Assistant No. 2, dancer, ensemble), Maria Welter (Roz, ensemble) and Hunter Yeakle (Mr. Phillips, ensemble).

Stage crew members are Bobby Bremyer, Kylee Brose, Elayna Kapelka, Claire Thompson and Erin Wagner; lights are Maggie Bremyer, Cecilia Brodman, Maria Goshe and Sara Welter; sound is Dave Breidenbach, Lucas Immele and Weston Wuescher; Brett Welly is the director; and Seth Innis and Cheri Briedenbach are stage managers.