Group with ties to Tiffin raising funds for new project

Tiffin native Sabrina Schneppat has performed with her partner, Craig Lincoln, in the musical duo, Sabrina & Craig at The National Theatre. The Los Angeles-based pair has been performing an acoustic show together for about six years, and they produced a live CD four years ago.

“The last one we self-produced and self-financed. … We performed it live, which has its pluses and its minuses,” Schneppat said. “When you record live, you can’t fix anything.”

Through Wednesday they are raising funds for their second album on Their new effort is “Green,” a collection of 11 original songs. Seven are Schneppat’s compositions and four are Lincoln’s.

They have been featured on Indiegogo’s music page since the site’s first week. Out of 594 projects, Sabrina & Craig is the only folk artist on page one.

Although the duo is considered part of the folk genre, Schneppat said the tracks on the CD are done in a variety of musical styles, including jazz, folk, blues, instrumental, Latin, Celtic, ballads, pop, “spaghetti western” and a Hawaiian slack-key lullaby. The title cut has been described as a “cinematic” ballad because of the imagery and melody.

“The styles of the songs are very different. People always ask us what kind of music we do, but it’s difficult for us to name it,” Schneppat said. “Craig is an award-winning finger-style guitar player, and one of his idols was Leo Kottke. … so he wrote a piece called ‘Crawdad’ in Kotke’s style.”

During their years of performing, they have been encouraged to promote themselves more. In spite of their misgivings about the financial aspects of performing and the potential for failure, Schneppat said they do not want to wonder what might have happened if they didn’t give it a shot as entertainers. They have been told their songs are of a quality that lends them to placement in film and television. The singers also have joined the Western Arts Alliance in hopes of being booked in performing arts centers and larger venues.

“I’m a dog trainer, and both of us do some business consulting for sales, but we’ve pretty much said this year, we’re going to make music a priority and really focus on that,” Schneppat said.

After they posted their page on Indiegogo, the pair received a call from “The Crowdfunder Show,” a 30-minute television program that features six crowdfunding campaigns on each show. Schneppat said they signed a contract to perform on an upcoming segment.

Another project of Lincoln’s is something called “Ready Set Goals.” As a former Olympic diver, he gives motivational talks to children, encouraging them to engage in physical activity.

Schneppat said she and Lincoln hope to make a stop in Tiffin this summer and possibly perform a live show.

They have called their crowdfunding campaign “Late Bloomers Blossom,” and set a minimum goal of $15,000. As of this writing, they have received $12,366. If the total reaches $21,600, the duo will donate $1,000 to the National Parks Foundation.

“People in Tiffin have been very supportive. I’ve had several teachers of mine contribute, a lot of our friends and people I was in the theater with. It’s been very sweet for me to have that connection with back home,” Schneppat said.

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