Stagecoach Bash to have final show

Promoter Joe Herbert of Tiffin, assisted by local musician Chip Rowland, has planned another Stagecoach Bash for 6 p.m. Jan. 25 at Meadowbrook Park Ballroom in Bascom. Proceeds benefit Tiffin Little League Football.

“It’s the 11th year, and it is my last one,” Herbert said.

The first band is to play at 6:15 p.m. A 50/50 drawing also is to take place. Guests are to bring their own beverages and snacks. Free taxi service is to be available to Tiffin from 10:30 p.m.-12:30 a.m.

“We have three bands. The cool thing is … Gene Foster (of Mosquito Creek) is a retired teacher from Mohawk. Seth (of MARS) and Eric (of the Eric Sowers Band) were in his seventh-grade class. It’s cool to have all three of them together,” Herbert said.

“There’s a wide range of ages and music from all different genres,” Rowland added.

Mosquito Creek performs classic country and Southern rock. In addition to Foster, the band includes Sam Morrow and Rick Hickman. A member of Brazin Bull, Rowland is to stand in as vocalist for Mosquito Creek for this event only. He said it is his chance to sing some of the country songs he has always enjoyed.

Sowers and his band are performing country music. Sowers plays acoustic guitar and delivers lead vocals. Backing him are Chase Dull, guitar and vocals; Dylan Kromer, bass and vocals; Neal Anderson, percussion; and Buck Walters, guitar, fiddle, banjo and vocals.

“Eric probably has the best-attended show in town of the local bands. … He’s got a good following,” Rowland said.

With rock from the 1980s and 1990s, MARS falls somewhere in between. The band includes Seth Marlowe, vocals, bass and guitar; Aaron White, bass and guitar; David Foremen, guitar and vocals; and Neal Anderson, drums and vocals.

“This show is nice because it’s a very inexpensive show to attend – only $10 in advance. Even at the door, it’s only $15, plus you get a free cab ride back to town,” Rowland said. “People like to help Joe, too, because they see what it means to him.”

Herbert’s previous benefits have helped programs at Calvert High School and the Seneca County Humane Society. He said TLLF has become a non-profit corporation, which now is to be eligible for funds from community foundations, corporations

and grants. In the future, they hope to not rely so heavily on fundraisers.

Because of a medical condition, Herbert said he must limit his physical activity, but that doesn’t keep him from attending athletic events and cheering for local youth.

Injuries can spoil the fun of team sports, so Herbert is directing his efforts to the cause of safety.

“Last year, we came up with $12,000 for 160 new helmets. So this year, we’ll keep it going with 160 new shoulder pads and hip/knee pants. That’s what it’s all about,” Herbert said. “Let’s be sure these kids can play without risking serious injury.”

Tickets are available at the Viaduct, 84 N. Washington St.; Tan-It-All, 321 Jefferson St.; and Raitzy’s Chop Shop, 235 N. Washington St.