Classic band together again

The Together Band is to perform a free concert at 7:30 p.m. Sunday in the pavilion at Hedges-Boyer Park. Organized in 1970 by Michael Redick of Findlay, the band included three Cullen brothers.

John Cullen of Fremont said he remembers coming into the group.

“One by one, my brother Christopher, my brother Kevin and then myself all joined in successive years and started playing in the group,” he said.

The band stayed together until going into retirement in 1986. When someone called the band to play for a special occasion or to back up a concert, the Cullens put something together, but they did not actively seek dates to perform.

“We were looking at reforming the group when Redick passed away unexpectedly,” Cullen said.

A few more years went by trying to decide the next step. If the band was going to stage a reunion, they needed someone to fill the empty keyboard slot.

“We had a big hole to fill with Michael being gone. So that’s how we got in touch with Tiffin native Kevin Maiberger,” John Cullen said.

The Cullen brothers had become acquainted with Maiberger while he was playing with The Rize Band. John contacted Maiberger, who agreed to attend a practice and decide whether he could work it into his schedule.

It turned out to be a good match.

“He joined the band and then the band, in its reforming, added some more members – another guitarist, a percussionist and a full brass section,” he said. “We’re an R&B, soul-type band and instead of having to play all those parts on keyboard, we wanted to have them live. So we added a horn section, and that’s given the band a big, dynamic sound.”

The Together Band includes two generations of Cullens: Christopher Cullen, lead guitar; Kevin Cullen, bass; John Cullen, drums; and Christian Cullen, John’s son, on percussion. In addition, there is Joe Reyes, guitar; Kevin Maiberger, keyboards; and “The Together Horns,” Jeff Blanchard, John Calhoun and Jack Burwell.

The group is calling its show “The Together Band on The Rize.” Cullen said playing at Hedges-Boyer will give the musicians a chance to reconnect with friends who knew them from the days of playing at Club 224 and other Tiffin area sites.

John Cullen said their target audience is baby boomers, and the response has been positive so far. The four times they have played this year have sold out the venues. Even so, the musicians have no plans to give up their day jobs.

“The band doesn’t have a desire to be playing every weekend. We’re looking at playing, at the most, once a month,” John Cullen said. “We’re blessed that we all were given a gift, and we’re blessed that at our ages, we can still perform at a high level. We’re really doing it for love of the music, not for fame and fortune. We’re doing it because we can, and we’re thoroughly enjoying it.”

The band also is conducting recording sessions and has committed to return to Bascom in February for the Humane Society benefit at Meadowbrook Park.

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