‘Once Upon a Mattress’


Cameron Zorn as Prince Dauntless (from left), Alex Lersh as King Sextimus, Hannah Watson as Queen Aggravain and Bryce O’Flaherty as the Wizzard perform in dress rehearsals in preparation for the Mohawk High School Drama Department’s production of “Once Upon A Mattress.”

Performances are at 7 p.m. Friday and Saturday and at 2 p.m. Sunday.

For ticket information, call (419) 927-6222.

“Once Upon A Mattress” takes place in a kingdom far away. King Sextimus is under a curse and has lost his ability to speak. His wife, Queen Aggravain, is running the kingdom during his muteness. Aggravain is content to have her son Prince Dauntless remain single and to do so, has declared only a princess who can pass her test is worthy of the prince’s hand in marriage. She also decrees no one in the kingdom may marry until the Prince is married.

For Lady Larken and Sir Harry, this is rather stressing, as Larken is pregnant with Sir Harry’s child. Sir Harry volunteers to search everywhere to find a princess for Prince Dauntless.

Remaining cast members are Kayla Burks (Princess #12), Julia Amlin (Lady Larken), Hayden Cook (Lady Rowena), Alayna Kindle (Lady Merrill), Jordan Kieffer (Lady Lucille/Kitchen Wench), Isaac Ward (Minstrel), Brad Jaffee (Jester), Marshall Stull (Sir Harry), Megan Gillig (Winnifred), Wes Romanko (1st Knight), Kevin Dietrich (2nd Knight), Kolin Reffitt (3rd Knight), Wesley Sniffen (Sir Studley), Nathaniel Luhring (Sir Harold), Kenna Lacey (Kitchen Wench), Colton Price (Sir Luce), Hayley Luhring (Sir Luce’s Lady), Emily Cook (Lady Mabelle) and Casey Yonts (Nightingale of Samarkand). Chorus members are Kayla Burks, Mikki Burks, Emily Cook, Hayden Cook, Kevin Dietrich, Taylor Hammond, Chelsea Kiggins, Carlee Hummel, Ericka Hummel, Natalie Johnson, Jordan Kieffer, Alayna Kindle, Kenna Lacey, Jordyn Lease, Sydney leeth, Hayley Lurhing, Nathaniel Luhring, Vanessa Parlier, Sandra Pennington, Sarah Pennington, Taylor Pennington, Colton Price, Kolin Reffitt, Wes Romanko, Wesley Sniffen, Mazie Stevens, Branyon Winings and Lydia Zamora.