Stockaders load up All-SBC selections

State-ranked and Sandusky Bay Conference Champion Old Fort was rewarded with its stellar play this season as six players were honored when the All-SBC River Division ...

Dragons denied against Findlay

Tiffin University coach Gary Goff would have loved to halt one streak while continuing another. But that would have only been the game’s final ...

Return Portman to Senate

Since 2010, when Ohioans by an overwhelming margin elected him to the U.S. Senate, Rob Portman has given us every reason to pat ourselves on the back for making a ...

Eager for change? Don’t vote for Clinton

Gore appealed election results

Bradley Bova

Bradley Bova, 23, of Stuart, Florida, and formerly of Bellevue, died Friday, Oct. 21, 2016, at Memorial North Hospital, Stuart, Florida. He was born June 17, ...

Laura F. Laremore

Doris Louise Gwinner

Who won the vice presidential debate?

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